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Pribit Bros Auto Body's Insurance Guidelines

1. Evaluation of claim: Calling your insurance company just for information is often possible to be regarded as filing a claim. When that happens, you may have the possibility of having to jeopardize the amount you have to pay every month, as any potential damage will reflect towards your monthly payment. Always think of whether it would be easier to just resolve the matter outside the insurance company getting involve.

2. Take notes of what has happened before and after the accident: You will have to keep track any details of what has happened prior and after the accident, before calling the authorities. It would be a major plus if you can get a witness that is willing to come upon the insurance company.

3. File the claim quickly once you decided to file it: The faster you file your claims the better it is for you, even though it may not be your fault. Let your insurance company handle the claims immediately.

4. Getting confirmation from the insurance company: Most oftenly your insurance company will confirm the validity of the accident. If there is a scenario if both parties of the accident does not agree to the situation, then proper details of the call, name of customer representative and time of the call should be noted. Clarification of the matter if not cone, will help you when you eventually end in court.

5. Car Repair: Upon approval of your insurance company, then it is when you will get your vehicle inspected by an adjuster. His assessment will then proceed to your choice of pre-approved auto body repair shop so that you can repair your vehicle.